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Supreme Court Orders Voter Suppression: Poor Must Choose Between Work and Voting

September 29, 2014


If you still need hardcore proof that what passes for a Republican these days should never again control the White House or the U.S. Congress, you need look no further than that bastion of corporate Fascism, the United States Supreme Court. In a purely partisan vote (I know, shocking, right?), the Fascist Five on the […]

Republicans have ZERO JOBS PLANS (Source: GOP.GOV)

September 5, 2011


I keep hearing John Boehner and Mitch McConnell and a whole slew of second-and-third tier Republicans bashing the Obama jobs speech that will be delivered this Thursday by the President. Several of the GOP D-listers in Congress are trying to scoop some headline spotlight attention by declaring that they’ll boycott the speech because “America needs […]

Congress’ insider trading: Just really good at ‘guessing’

June 21, 2011


If you haven’t found a reason to loathe and despise the flagrant hypocrisy and profiteering that literally personifies the United States Congress yet, then you simply aren’t looking.  In case you were under the foolish assumption that your elected officials run for elected office “to serve the greater good,” I’m about to – once again […]

Texas TEA Party lawsuit against U.S. Census has merit

May 10, 2011


Now, I hope you’re sitting down, and brace yourself … I’m about to agree with some Tea Party members. Three activists in the Texas ‘Tea Party’ movement have filed a federal lawsuit demanding that 2010 Census figures not be used in the state’s redistricting effort, claiming that since Census knowingly counts include illegal aliens, counting […]