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10 Questions the Average American Should Ask their Republican Representatives and Senators in Congress

July 26, 2019


Is three for a dollar a good price for cans of green beans at the discount grocery store? How much longer than usual can your home heating oil last if you thin it with rubbing alcohol? How much does a Whopper cost with a 50¢-off coupon if you can’t afford the whole value meal? How […]

Trump Announces specifics-barren 10-step wonder plan to fix the V.A.

July 26, 2016


Donald J. Trumps "plan" to fix the V.A. is nothing more than his usual load of vagaries, delegations and "trust me, it'll get done" empty assurances.

Trump’s Dirty Dozen: His Most Staggering Failures

January 12, 2016


We all know  – because we hear it from him every time he opens his face-anus, that Donald Trump is the single-most brilliant, successful, envied, rich and magnificent entrepreneur the world has ever seen, right? Well, with a little digging and business records research, it seems that Trump’s claims to business unbeatability are every bit […]

You want to know the real Donald Trump?

May 10, 2011


Don’t judge Trump by what other people say about him. Here are his own words, verbatim from the horse’s … mouth.  Decide for yourself. “The trick in politics – just like in business – isn’t accomplishing something; it’s *pretending* you’re accomplishing something and making sure you profit from it because Americans, by and large, are […]

Most-read Fox News Headlines – May 8, 2011

May 8, 2011


How Do You View The Confederate Flag? Why Are Black Women Single More Than Women Of Other Races? Trump: ‘Enough joking, time to get serious about Obama’ Post-Gay Hawaii? The Band Perry to tour devastated areas of their hometown Lady Gaga criticizes Arizona immigration laws Home Videos Show Bin Laden Candid, Unkempt ‘Godfather’ Prequel in […]

Trump: Don’t buy crap made in China … unless it’s mine

April 29, 2011


Donald Trump bashed Barack Obama for holding a state dinner at the White House to honor Chinese dissidents, saying, “You don’t give dinners to the enemy!” Right. You give your entire clothing manufacturing business to the enemy, like Donald Trump does. It seems the king of self-promotion is also the king of hypocrisy because every […]