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From the “Rick Santorum clearly ate way too much lead paint as a child” files

March 12, 2012


And all of this is just from TODAY! Santorum demands Obama apologize for soldier’s killing spree (just 9 days after Santorum said Obama is a disgrace because he apologized for Quran-burnings and showed weakness and an utter inability to lead.) Santorum says carbon dioxide isn’t toxic or dangerous … just ask a plant (Apparently he […]

Michele Bachmann: An inspiration to morons and imbeciles everywhere

June 27, 2011


Michele Bachmann wants voters to know that she’s not your ordinary politician. In fact, she wants you to know that she channels the spirit of a mass murderer. During her “formal” announcement speech today that she’s seeking the presidency (I guess the five times that she’s announced since the New Hampshire debate last week have […]

History proves that Sarah Palin is a moron

June 3, 2011


Okay … we all know that teabaggers love to rewrite recent political history to suit their agenda and/or their abject ignorance and abhorrence of all things intellectual. But Sunday, the teabaggers’ “I hate the mainstream media” darling once again stuffed her face in front of any camera she could find, to demonstrate how Sarah Palin […]