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GOP spending hypocrisy revealed; teabaggers among worst offenders

November 7, 2011


For a group of people who paraded around in ridiculous costumes, making outlandish claims and swearing before god (and then, country) that they – personally – were going to put an end to reckless pork-barrel spending in Washington, there sure are a lot of teabaggers with deer-in-the-headlights glaze over their eyes as the 2011 Congressional […]

Filibusters are offensive and wrong … unless Republicans are doing it

May 19, 2011


The Senate just voted by a 52-43 majority to end the GOP’s filibuster of Professor Goodwin Liu’s nomination to a federal 9th Circuit Court of Appeals — which, in the bizarro world that is the U.S. Senate, means that Liu’s nomination will not move forward. The vote was entirely along party lines, except that Sen. […]

Nazi “re-enactor” Iott loses; faces a golden opportunity

November 3, 2010


Well, Iott can consider this the perfect opportunity to emulate his beloved Fuhrer:  In shame, humiliation and defeat, he can go hide in an underground bunker, set himself on fire and then fire a bullet through his head. Then he can be buried in his full Nazi regalia, just like he wears every weekend when […]