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The reasons Mitt Romney is losing

September 29, 2012


  There are two major reasons for why Mitt Romney is trailing behind Barack Obama in virtually every poll, regardless of the political leanings of the polling entity, and regardless of the “unskewing” of polls that Fox News claims as proof-positive that Romney is actually crushing Obama in public opinion (on the Bizarro-Reverse world). The […]

Mitt Romney’s Plan for [insert subject here]

August 16, 2012


Gingrich: Counting on a stupid, forgetful & gullible electorate

May 16, 2011


If you ever had any doubt that what laughingly passes for a “qualified presidential candidate” these days is nothing more than a lying hypocrite who wants you to listen to what he says instead of making note of what he’s done, look no further than Newt Gingrich. “Judge me by what I can do for […]

Religion has no place in elections

May 4, 2011


Karen Santorum, the wife of scandal-riddled potential 2012 presidential candidate Rick Santorum, says that the upcoming election is not about politics, or national security, or financial policy. The Santorums have apparently decided to pretend that the most dreaded words in the Republican lexicon today are “Rick Santorum stepped to the microphone and said …” and […]