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The Republibagger uni-mind in action

October 20, 2014


Republibaggers last week: “Obama must appoint an Ebola Czar!!!” Republibaggers this week: “Obama’s trying to destroy democracy by appointing czars!!!”   Perhaps if you asshats hadn’t blocked his Surgeon General appointee because they’re not an NRA-supporter, we wouldn’t need medical czars. Murthy has medical and business degrees from Yale, works as an attending physician and […]

The edge of the fiscal cliff; with nowhere to go but up

December 18, 2012


It fascinates me to watch (often reluctantly) the endless parroting of Republican sound bites, talking points and blanket statements about the “dangers” of the fiscal cliff. One should not that the same partisan pundits who are bashing the President for having a bad plan are the same malcontents who spent the last year dutifully passing […]

Romney’s Top 10 Debate Lies & the Facts that prove him wrong

October 4, 2012


ROMNEY’S LIE:  “The president said he’d cut the deficit in half. Unfortunately, he doubled it.” THE FACTS:  When Obama took office in 2009, the deficit was projected to be $1.2 trillion during that year, and it ultimately turned out to be $1.4 trillion, according to Congressional Budget Office data cited by The New York Times. The […]

The reasons Mitt Romney is losing

September 29, 2012


  There are two major reasons for why Mitt Romney is trailing behind Barack Obama in virtually every poll, regardless of the political leanings of the polling entity, and regardless of the “unskewing” of polls that Fox News claims as proof-positive that Romney is actually crushing Obama in public opinion (on the Bizarro-Reverse world). The […]

Romney: Attack first, understand later

September 12, 2012


Apparently, Mitt Romney doesn’t even feel the need anymore to wait until things actually happen before he openly and ignorantly blames President Obama for them in past-tense. Anti-American protests – inspired by an appalling, ignorant, inflammatory and hate-mongering video produced by America’s pre-eminent racist, Koran-burning, nigh-exalted asshole-in-chief “Minister” Terry Jones that blatantly and crudely that […]

The Romney qualification fact list

August 25, 2012


Since Mitt Romney has flat-out refused to discuss or provide any details whatsoever about his Bain tenure and experience, his record as Governor of Massachusetts, or any of the professional and personal financial tactics that he claims are what make him the only ideal presidential candidate in the country, I thought I would provide a […]

Mitt Romney’s Plan for [insert subject here]

August 16, 2012


Romney wants his past and credentials off-limits

August 10, 2012


Romney: This election is about the economy! Public: Fine. Tell us the details of your plan to improve the economy. Romney: Uhhh … I shouldn’t have to talk about that because this election is about my experience as governor of Massachusetts. Public: Fine. Let’s look at the facts, statistics and details of what you accomplished […]

Today’s sampling of Republican “truthiness”

August 1, 2012


Hey, do ya make less than a million bucks a year and wanna pay higher taxes? Then Mitt Romney’s your guy! If elected president, Romney will raise taxes on … ready for this?  … a full 95.7 percent of Americans, according to a new study of Romney’s stated tax plan assessed by the nonpartisan Tax […]

From the “Rick Santorum clearly ate way too much lead paint as a child” files

March 12, 2012


And all of this is just from TODAY! Santorum demands Obama apologize for soldier’s killing spree (just 9 days after Santorum said Obama is a disgrace because he apologized for Quran-burnings and showed weakness and an utter inability to lead.) Santorum says carbon dioxide isn’t toxic or dangerous … just ask a plant (Apparently he […]