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Shock and Uhhh: Sarah Palin’s PAC spent 85% of funds raised on herself

October 18, 2014


Keep sending Sarah Palin your money, all you “real Americans.”  Cuz she’s out there a’fightin’ for ya. Wink wink. For the two-year 2014 cycle, the former half-governor’s SarahPAC, which she uses to maintain the scam that she may run for president in 2016, has raised $2.5 million on top of more than $1.1 million that […]

There’s uneducated; there’s stupid; there’s pig-ignorant … and then there’s Louie Gohmert

May 6, 2014


Usually, someone has to make an extraordinary ass of themselves for me to single them out for a truth attack (that’s what I call it when I use their own words and actions to make my case against them).  In the case of Texas Republican Congressman and certified 100-percent Grade-A asshat Louie Gohmert, that attack […]

Palin shows another king-sized lack of knowledge

February 9, 2011


Sarah Palin was so busy bashing Obama yesterday about how he’s “improperly dealing with the King and Queen of Egypt” that nobody was able to tell the pig-ignorant airhead media-whore that Egypt doesn’t have a monarchy. Guess she couldn’t fit that fact on her palm.

Christine O’Donnell blames “left-wing conspiracy” for campaign fraud investigation

January 3, 2011


Federal authorities have opened a criminal investigation of Republican former Delaware Senate candidate Christine O’Donnell to determine if she broke the law by using up to $300,000 of campaign money to repeatedly pay her personal expenses. At least seven former campaign workers have alleged that O’Donnell routinely used political contributions to pay personal expenses including […]

Palin in 2012?

December 7, 2010


So, the uber right wing masses have changed their ideal presidential candidate preference from “a guy ya wanna have a beer with” to “a bimbo ya wanna have a three-way with.” I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again:    “Idiocracy” is a documentary.

Palin doesn’t know North from South … again

November 25, 2010


So, Sarah Palin whored herself on Glenn Beck again today (imagine that, Bailin’ Palin restricting her interviews to only Fox), and she said that “President Obama is turning his back on our NORTH Korean allies, and I would never do something as unAmerican as that. This speaks to a bigger picture here that certainly scares […]

Sarah Palin’s “America by Heart” — Consistent in her hypocrisy

November 22, 2010


One thing you have to say about Sarah Palin – whether you love her or hate her – she’s consistent … consistently hypocritical, full of sh*t and self-contradictory. Take, for example, the following nuggets I gleaned from an online advance sampling of Bailin’ Palin’s latest ghost-written flurry of two-facedness: 1. All reality-show participants are “talentless […]

Why Christine O’Donnell lost

November 3, 2010


Anyone who thought Delaware Senate Republican candidate Christine O’Donnell was ever doing well among the state’s electorate was sadly mistaken (not to mention seriously deluded) from the get-go. She lost because she was unqualified, a poor public speaker, ignorant of the core issues that are important to her state’s voters, and — most of all […]

Del *aware*

November 3, 2010


Well, thank the gods that there’s still *SOME* semblance of sanity left in America. Kudos to Delaware for not going for the ignorant, delusional, poorly educated, just-plain-stupid bat-sh*t crazy vote. Coons is no prize by any means, but at least we won’t find him perched on the roof with a cross in one hand and […]