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‘Super Congress’ members have already received $64.5 million in corporate donations

August 19, 2011


By now, you’ve at least heard of that “Super Congress” they just created in Washington that’s supposed to “cut through all the bureaucracy and partisan politics to devise a clear and effective path toward America’s financial management.” Should it come as any surprise whatsoever that all 12 appointed members appointed to the Joint Select Committee […]

GOP on the debt ceiling: “Forget what we said, listen to what we’re saying!”

July 3, 2011


As a blogger/reporter/thinking individual, I love it when I don’t have to really come up with any pithy, sarcastic or salient points on my own to prove an argument. In this case, regarding the perpetual pissing contest about the debt ceiling going on in Washington between “Our way or no way because all we care […]