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Andy Tobin is the embodiment of the U.S. Congress … now

October 27, 2014


Before I launch into all the examples from his own political record, let me give you one astonishing reason of why Arizona should *NOT* send Andy Tobin to Congress in Washington. Remember Arizona’s ridiculous, asinine, homophobic, offensive and ignorant SB 1062 proposal that would have allowed businesses to discriminate based on supposed “religious principles”?  Well, […]

14 States giving in-state tuition to illegal aliens

May 27, 2011


In case nothing *REALLY* pissed you off today … 11 states offer in-state tuition to illegal aliens & 3 more are trying – MD, RI, CA, CO, VA, IL, KS, NE, NM, NY, OK, UT, WA & WI. Congress passed preliminary approval on this on April 7th. Don’t just shake your head saying, “That sucks.” […]

The Top 10 Ways to Solve All of America’s Problems

September 29, 2010


Strip Congress of *ALL* perks, programs & benefits that you and I don’t have, and force them to be subject to the same system we are, including retirement, medical insurance and personal expenses. Any politician who objects is immediately removed from office permanently. Shred the 2,800-page U.S. tax code and make all taxpayers pay 7.5% […]