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Trump Announces specifics-barren 10-step wonder plan to fix the V.A.

July 26, 2016


Donald J. Trumps "plan" to fix the V.A. is nothing more than his usual load of vagaries, delegations and "trust me, it'll get done" empty assurances.

Supreme Court Orders Voter Suppression: Poor Must Choose Between Work and Voting

September 29, 2014


If you still need hardcore proof that what passes for a Republican these days should never again control the White House or the U.S. Congress, you need look no further than that bastion of corporate Fascism, the United States Supreme Court. In a purely partisan vote (I know, shocking, right?), the Fascist Five on the […]

Obama’s Senate super-majority: Fiction at its finest

January 5, 2014


To all my Republican friends, those of you who are faulting Barack Obama and Democrats for “doing nothing while they had a super-majority for two years,” I’d like to present you with something called “facts.” I know this concept is alien to you, but try to follow along as best you can. A “super-majority” occurs […]

The GOP: Working for … you?!?

February 19, 2011


Let’s take a look at what the Republicans in the U.S. House of Representatives did today. An amendment by Rep. Denny Rehberg, R-Mont., to block the health care overhaul money was approved by a 239-187 vote. No jobs created or discussed. Republicans sided with big business and lobbyists. Republicans acted against the taxpayers. Republicans muscled […]

Where are the jobs? At the bottom of the GOP priorities list

February 16, 2011


So be it?  SO BE IT?!?!   That is Speaker of the House John Boehner’s response to the potential loss of 200,000 federal jobs for the sake of Republicans gaining another “Look what the Democrats are doing” sound bite. “Over the last two years since President Obama has taken office, the federal government has added 200,000 […]

GOP’s Cantor supports tax break for corporate foreign profit

February 8, 2011


House Republican Leader Eric Cantor said today that he backs a tax break for companies on foreign profits brought back to the U.S. — a policy known as repatriation. The proposal is one of 37 corporate tax breaks submitted by members of the House GOP Tuesday. Under repatriation, companies can bring back to the U.S. […]

They took your house, now they’re after your insurance money

January 19, 2011


Medical Bills Leading Cause of Bankruptcy, Harvard Study Finds It isn’t enough that intentionally unregulated and fraudulent corporate bankers bankrupted millions of taxpayers through mortgage bloat. Now they want to do the same through the forced failure of your health insurance. After this, they’re going to try to do exactly the same thing if […]

Republican “selfless” payroll cuts are nothing of the sort

December 23, 2010


Remember a couple of weeks ago when Speaker-of-the-House-to-be John Boehner made that noble announcement that – in order to help reduce spending and “help the American people” – he was going to reduce his entire staff’s payroll by five percent?  What a guy, huh? Well, while the gesture seems magnanimous on the surface, it becomes […]

Out with the old, in with more of the old

December 9, 2010


House and Senate Republicans on Wednesday thwarted Democratic efforts to award $250 checks to Social Security recipients facing a second consecutive year without a cost-of-living increase. President Obama and Democrats urged approval of the one-time payment, saying seniors barely getting by on their Social Security checks are facing particularly undue hardships without the COLA increase. […]

Far be it from me to say “I told you so”

December 7, 2010


Here’s a little tidbit that I’m pretty sure you won’t find in any Fox News broadcast. Remember earlier this summer and fall when all you hard from the various TEA Party candidates – of all degrees of intelligence and credibility – was that they were, collectively and individually, all about cutting government spending, and that […]