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You’re getting hosed at the gas pump and in Washington

May 12, 2011


Attention all fans of “Trickle-Down Economics” and rampant deregulation of the oil and gas industry: You got what you asked for. Republican deregulation and blind Congressional fealty to corporate executives has given us a federal government that is wholly owned and driven by corporate America. And what’s the most visible and obvious result, other than […]

Obama dances the presidential gas price two-step

April 22, 2011


Have no fear about those skyrocketing gas prices! President Barack Obama has decided to launch yet another task force, joining his deficit commission, and his other deficit commission, and his other energy independence commission, and his national energy policy task force on energy efficiency, to get to the bottom of why gas prices have been […]

Oil: We were warned 34 years ago

March 7, 2011


One has to wonder where our nation’s energy policy and prices would be now if the Republican-controlled Congress hadn’t publically mocked, laughed at and ignored President Jimmy Carter in 1977 with his plan to force expedited development of alternative energy (solar, wind, electric) and thereby eliminate – or at the very least, drastically reduce – […]