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Cantor balks at tornado relief; tells Missouri “Them’s the breaks”

May 23, 2011


The No. 2 House Republican said that if Congress doles out additional money to assist in the aftermath of natural disasters across the country, the spending has to be offset by cuts in other domestic spending. House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-Va.) — the living embodiment of the term “number two” — said “if there […]

Spending isn’t the only thing Obama’s budget is full of

February 20, 2011


It fascinates me how the right wing so fiercely attacks Barack Obama as being a “Marxist, Commie, Leftist, Liberal” when his actions so clearly dictate that he is anything but. Take, for example, the president’s 2012 budget proposal. A true “America-hating Liberal” would have started with a budget that presents a demand for absolutely everything […]