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Chris Christie: How to not answer an honest, valid question

June 24, 2011


During the one-on-one between NBC’s Matt Lauer and Jew Jersey Republican Governor Chris Christie, we got a full-on, impossible-to-take-out-of-context view of exactly the kind of hypocrisy that Republicans think is perfectly fair. Christie was asked by one of his constituents about whether he felt there was any hypocrisy or issue with his support of massive […]

GOP 2012: The Field of Dream-on

April 13, 2011


You have plenty of GOP choices: Sarah “Where Can I Cash This Check” Palin Michelle “I Flunked a Third Grade American History Test Last Week” Bachmann Donald “I Bankrupted My Own Casino and Donated $600,000 to Democrats in 2010” Trump Newt “My Mistresses All Thought Clinton Should Have Been Hanged for Adultery” Gingrich Tim “Pardons-for-Dollars” […]