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The Walking Brain-Dead

October 20, 2014


Pictures truly are worth thousands of words …

News round-up nursery rhymes

January 19, 2013


Kick, kick, kick the can, always down the road. Never solve a single thing, just whine and blame and goad. Old Fibber Cantor sat in a chair. While the country waited for answers all day. When the debt deal came calling and while Boehner was bawling, Fibber Cantor said “No budget, no pay.” […]

How Romney’s VP will be determined

August 7, 2012


  The Koch Brothers take each of the VP candidates one-at-a-time out into the middle of a lake in a rowboat. They tell each candidate to get into the water and then they throw Romney at them. “Whichever one of you doesn’t sink to the bottom hanging on to him gets the nomination.”  

Batman vs. Bain

July 3, 2012


Santorum: No woman can ever have an abortion … except my wife

January 24, 2012


Rick Santorum is one dangerously denial-ridden hypocrite. He’s best known for his inability to associate his professed compassion for life at the level of the zygote, with the physical realities of human sexuality.  He said same-sex relationships lead *DIRECTLY* to bestiality.  He said that abortion should be outlawed, INCLUDING when the pregnancy is the result […]

An Ode to Joe “Deadbeat Dad” Walsh

September 2, 2011


Joe Walsh calls Obama “idiotic” and claims to be so patriotic. No ideas to help people, just more “Baaah” from the sheeple. amid a party that’s all Don Quixotic. Joe Walsh joins the teabagger fray; All mouth, but with nothing to say. No ideas for the nation, and no jobs legislation; but lots of back […]

Congress polls 2nd lowest approval rating in history

August 4, 2011


A poll to gauge the nation’s approval rating of the 112th U.S. Congress, conducted just after the announcement of this week’s debt ceiling agreement between President Obama and congressional leaders, finds approval of Congress falling to just 14 percent, down sharply from 26 percent in January. The new result represents the lowest congressional approval rating […]