​10 Questions for Trump Cabinet Appointees

Posted on December 19, 2016


  1. Who makes the payment on your old car when you finance a new car after the 15th of the month?
  2. How much longer than usual can your home heating oil last if you thin it with rubbing alcohol?
  3. How much does a Whopper cost if you can’t afford the whole value meal?
  4. How many people can a single package of Ramen noodles feed?
  5. What is the proper way to tell your child that you can’t see them in the school play again because the boss at your second job won’t give you any time off?
  6. How far can you drive on a spare “donut” tire before it bursts?
  7. Can cell phone company early termination fees be financed?
  8. What is the process to request the transit department to add a new bus route to your neighborhood so you can get to work?
  9. Does the reconnect fee have to be paid all at once, in addition to your electric bill past-due balance after your power gets turned off?
  10. How do you tell your children that there’s no dinner again tonight?

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