Right-wing hate, arrogance & ignorance puts the twit in Twitter

Posted on November 25, 2014


Here are just a few of the “moral high ground” tweets that some of the more well-known pig-ignorant, racist, hate-mongering, childish, petulant, lying “Christians” on the right are tweeting about overnight events in Ferguson today.

DarrenWilson did good MichaelBrown did bad justice is served.” — Ted Nugent

God publicly executed #MichaelBrown as a gift to America to help fight crime by teaching you to not steal and assault cops.” — Patrick Dollard

White foreign journalists have to be snippy to impress the Muslims back home.” — Ann Coulter

Only people whose free speech is threatened are whites cowering in their homes.” — Ann Coulter
He died with his boots on – what they say about Marines. He died with his pants down – what they say about thugs.” — Todd Kincannon

Obama has made everything, including race relations, worse. Sickening.” – Melissa Clouthier

Same libs blasting US Justice sytem tonight will defend same system as perfect venue for prosecuting Al Qaeda terrorists held at Gitmo.” – Michael Goldfarb

Might say they’re anti science. Liberals pride themselves on their supposed adherence to facts, but can’t accept them in Ferguson.” – Brit Hume

Hardcore leftists’ don’t really give a rip abt facts. Goal is and has always been to undermine civil society, stoke unrest, chaos.” – Laura Ingraham

Man, some guy just bit my leg, kicked my balls and tried to strangle my mother – he was unarmed, you animal!” – Steven Crowder

Police shd obv just hand over new police cars to the ‘protestors’ to destroy. #thugs” – Laura Ingraham

SCUMBAG: Hey, my butt hurts. Let’s light some working class guy’s small business on fire.  MEDIA: Where should we put the camera.” – John Nolte

The punk got what he deserved. The hero deserves better.” – Sean Hannity

Justice strikes a blow against oppression of whites. About time! #FuckMichaelBrown” – Michael Deedy

Black behavior in Ferguson is exactly why cops need body armor, tanks and flamethrowers. #GodLovesWhites” – Michael Deedy

McCulloch/Wilson 2016!!!” – Breitbart News

No other commentary needed.

The best we can hope for is that this will eventually become a Kent State moment in history.