Shock and Uhhh: Sarah Palin’s PAC spent 85% of funds raised on herself

Posted on October 18, 2014


Keep sending Sarah Palin your money, all you “real Americans.”  Cuz she’s out there a’fightin’ for ya. Wink wink.

For the two-year 2014 cycle, the former half-governor’s SarahPAC, which she uses to maintain the scam that she may run for president in 2016, has raised $2.5 million on top of more than $1.1 million that was in the bank at the start of the cycle. Of that $3.6 Million, the PAC spent a measly $150,000 — or 5.5 percent — on candidates Palin endorses. Palin has spent nearly $3 Million of the PAC’s money on herself.

Click on the graphic below for a breakdown of exactly where the money that people … stupid, desperate people … gave Sarah Palin under the guise of her working for anybody other than herself.

Palin PAC SpendingAnd, of course, let’s not forget that Palin raked in a cool $1 Million for each of the three years she was a “contributing commentator” on Fox News … and the $600,000 she got from The Learning Channel for her dismally failed three episodes of “Sarah Palin’s Alaska” TV boondoggle … and the $550,000 she got from The Sportsman Channel for her equally pathetic “Amazing America” show that lasted all of three episodes. So, as usual, Palin is never at a loss for a money-grubbing scheme, so it was no surprise last spring when Palin decided she wasn’t getting enough air time on Fox to properly disseminate her ever-unfailing ignorance, so she launched “Rogue TV,” her own $9.95-per-month subscription all-Palin/all-the-time digital “news” channel, supported almost exclusively by paid advertisements from … you guessed it … SarahPAC.  And, isn’t it surprising, don’tcha know, that Palin’s web channel is loaded, to the point of nausea, with ads hawking her books, and, of course, more ads prompting you to donate to SarahPAC.

I’ve always thought that Palin was missing her one, true goldmine opportunity … porn.  If Palin just gave in to what the majority of her fans really want to see, and did some hardcore hetero and girl-on-girl porn, she’d rake in boatloads of cash, which is obviously her primary goal in life.  I’ll even recommend the website name for her porn venture that is perfectly suited to Palin’s true talent:

I looked it up. It’s for sale.