Doug Ducey: The best gubernatorial candidate the Koch brothers have bought

Posted on October 16, 2014


These are the FACTS about Arizona Republican candidate for Governor, Doug Ducey:

  • Based on public records searches, it has been confirmed and proven that between Nov. 30, 2004 and Sept. 4, 2008, Doug Ducey had 13 traffic offenses – at least seven of them were speed-camera tickets, based on documents from Scottsdale City Court. In that same period, Ducey failed to appear in court 16 times, ignoring every summons. Scottsdale City Court sent his most-recent speeding ticket case to a collection agency.
  • Ducey’s total political experience is that he is the Arizona state treasurer – and the state has been more than $1 Billion in debt throughout each year he has served in that office.
  • Prior to being AZ state treasurer, Ducey was CEO of Cold Stone Creamery. Under Ducey’s business model, more than 20 percent of all Cold Stone Creamery franchises failed, nearly four dozen franchise owners were nearly or completely bankrupted, and Arizona taxpayers paid $53 Million. The franchise research group Blue MauMau Inc. also found that 41 percent of Stone Cold franchises defaulted on U.S. Small Business Administration loans between 2001 and 2011, which overlaps Ducey’s tenure as CEO from 1997 to 2007, according to the Phoenix Business Journal. The franchise research group reported that Cold Stone franchisees failed at a rate of 11 percent from 2000 to 2007, which was about the time Ducey sold the company to Scottsdale-based Kahala Corp. In 2009, BlueMauMau reported that failure rate was 20 percent. In September of this year, The Wall Street Journal reported that Cold Stone is still one of the 10 worst franchises in the country when it comes to SBA loan defaults.
  • Doug Ducey failed to pay delinquent property taxes in 2008 and 2009. When asked in April 2014 why he didn’t pay his tax bills, Ducey’s attorney said, “Those taxes have now been paid.” Public records show Ducey paid the delinquent tax bills only shortly after he announced his candidacy, five years late. The man who says the reason you should vote for him is because of his superior business expertise attributes his repeated tax delinquencies as “an accounting oversight.”
  • Ducey is endorsed by Sarah Palin and Ted Cruz, who say he’s “just the kind of problem-solver Arizona needs.” Ducey has repeatedly declined to comment on Palin’s or Cruz’s knowledge of or experience with Arizona’s problems.
  • Doug Ducey is not endorsed by current Arizona Governor Jan Brewer.
  • Ducey is a paid member of the Whisper Rock Country Club and the Phoenix Thunderbirds. Neither club allows women to be members.
  • When asked for the identity of the “out-of-state sources” that have reportedly funneled millions of dollars into Ducey’s campaign, Ducey said that the law doesn’t require him to disclose that information. Secret tapes released on October 3, 2014 by The Nation reveal that Ducey was actively soliciting donations from billionaire industrialists Charles and David Koch and their network of mega donors at their annual closed-door summit in June at a Dana Point resort in California. A dark-money group called “Americans for Responsible Leadership” donated $925,000 to Ducey’s campaign. Internal Revenue Service records show that “Americans for Responsible Leadership” is funded almost entirely by the Koch brothers. Records also show that another dark-money group called “American Encore” is also part of the Koch empire and has given an additional $1.3 million to Ducey’s general-election race.
  • Ducey says that, as governor, he will be “an advocate for all Arizonans.”

That’s an interesting claim coming from the candidate who is secretly hanging out with billionaires who seem determined to privatize education, Medicare and Social Security, actively works to destroy workers’ unions and wants to remove all regulations on the banking industry, pollution of the environment, investment income and campaign financing.

All Ducey has to do is change his slogan to “I’ll be an advocate for all Arizonans who make more than $1 million a year” and he’d finally be telling the truth … assuming wants to … or even knows how.