Supreme Court Orders Voter Suppression: Poor Must Choose Between Work and Voting

Posted on September 29, 2014


If you still need hardcore proof that what passes for a Republican these days should never again control the White House or the U.S. Congress, you need look no further than that bastion of corporate Fascism, the United States Supreme Court.

In a purely partisan vote (I know, shocking, right?), the Fascist Five on the bench – Roberts, Alito, Thomas, Kennedy and Scalia – cleared the way for Ohio to restrict early voting in the state, on the eve of the day the early voting was supposed to begin. Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Stephen G. Breyer, Sonia Sotomayor and Elena Kagan all staunchly opposed the ruling. With just 16 hours before polling stations were to open in Ohio, the court’s GOP and corporate lackeys … I mean … “conservatives” on Monday afternoon blocked voters from beginning to cast their ballots tomorrow in this year’s general election. The Injustice Society as I call them (with apologies to DC Comics) put on hold a federal judge’s order providing new opportunities for voting before election day, beyond what state leaders wanted. The U.S. Supreme Court today ruled that all Ohio voters must vote on Election Day – Tuesday, November 4, 2014 – between the hours and 8 a.m. and 5 p.m.

The order will remain in effect until (and if) the Supreme Court acts on an appeal by state officials. What the order boils down to is that early voting will not be allowed this week — which early balloting supporters call “Golden Week.” The process that the Supreme Court excoriated today would have allowed Ohio voters to register and cast their ballots on the same day. The ruling also means that early voting will be disallowed on Sundays or weekday evenings after 5 p.m., between now and election day, November 4th. The short version:  Anyone in Ohio (and all the other red states who are going to droll all over themselves to bandwagon onto this ruling) who isn’t allowed or can’t afford to take time off from work to go vote … well … you’re screwed.

“Golden Week,” along with the Sundays and weekday evening hours that follow it, are the only chance that many low-income voters have to cast their ballot, simply BECAUSE they can’t afford to take time off to vote. The right wing of the court, and the craven vote-manipulators of the GOP who own them, know this and they’re taking this cheap shot to capitalize on it. And what’s the party-line GOP justification for blocking early voting?  Why, “to prevent rampant voter fraud,” of course. It’s yet another in the gazillion times that it’s been proven that the only voter fraud going on is being committed by the people crying wolf about it.

Ohio Republican officials are claiming that early balloting would cost too much for county election boards to implement. If that’s the case, then why are they also railing against the implementation of statewide voting-by-mail with a verification process that is simple-but-iron-clad enough to prevent repeat voting? Voting-by-mail is also cheaper than staffing early voting stations and it decimates every argument against it posed by conservatives, which is precisely why they oppose it with a passionate frenzy.

I can’t say I’m surprised by this latest low-life screw-the-poor action by the Fascist Five, who have just proven once again that all persons are equal … except that people who can afford to take time off from work to go vote are just more equal than everybody else. I expect their next ruling will declare that humans only get 3/5ths of a vote, but citizen-corporations get 1 and 2/5ths of a vote.

One can only hope that this has the opposite reaction to what Roberts and his lackeys and their corporate and religious pimps want (I’m talking about you, Koch Brothers and Sheldon Adelson). I hope that it encourages everyone who is being most hurt by this — the millions of low-wage workers in Ohio — to go out on November 4th and vote a purely Democrat ticket, in such a massive majority that not even the craftiest gerrymanderers the GOP have hired can possibly swindle.

And isn’t it remarkably coincidental that this voter-backstab by SCOTUS is being gleefully cheered by Republicans in Congress … all of whom “worked” only 113 days last year, and are “off work” on November 4 … because they’re “working” … on getting re-elected.

I have a couple of suggestions for how to remedy the Fascist Five and ensure that America is never again sodomized by a completely and utterly corrupt U.S. Supreme Court:

  1. The next Constitutional Amendment should enable the impeachment of Supreme Court justices. There is no penalty if there is no accountability.
  2. Impose term limits on Supreme Court justices. Eight-to-10 years is plenty. There is absolutely no feasible argument for lifelong appointments in the unyielding sea of profiteering and political power-jockeying that is the United States Government.

If Republicans and their fellow corporate whores on the Supreme Court are so concerned with maintaining the integrity of the voting process, then SURELY they will support the establishment of Nov. 4 being a NATIONAL PAID HOLIDAY that will allow ALL Americans to vote, regardless of their employment or financial situation. Nobody should have to choose between working and voting.

Listen up, GOP: Voting *IS* a right. It’s not only *FOR* the right.