News round-up nursery rhymes

Posted on January 19, 2013


Kick, kick, kick the can,
always down the road.
Never solve a single thing,
just whine and blame and goad.

Old Fibber Cantor sat in a chair.
While the country waited for answers all day.
When the debt deal came calling
and while Boehner was bawling,
Fibber Cantor said “No budget, no pay.”

Eric and John went down the hall;
to pitch a three-month shafter.
Eric fell down and stamped on the ground,
and John came whimpering after.

There were some old white men who lived on a hill;
Wasting their time and others’;
pretending to serve the electorate still;
“Jump!” go the Koch Brothers.

Poor Mitchy Mitch, who wanted to be rich,
followed orders like a good little elf.
He obstructed anything the GOP didn’t pitch,
and finally filibustered himself.

Humpty Boehner sat on a fence,
obstructing whatever he can.
All the Koch’s dollars and all the Koch’s cents,
couldn’t get Humpty Boehner sober again.

Dum-Dum Donnelly tried to sneak a gun on a plane.
Dum-Dum Donnelly screamed when it was taken by the TSA.
Dum-Dum Donnelly now says the Bible makes it so plain:
“Guns are essential to living God’s way.”

Crazy Rush Limbaugh rants and raves on the air
all to stir up frenzy, hatred and fear.
He said use guns to do abortions and that will be fair,
and the troglodytes giggle and cheer.

If guns are outlawed, only outlaws have guns,
is what the NRA crowd insists.
They says we need guns to be safe from the feds
but we don’t need no stinking permits.
So give all who would want one unrestricted access to guns,
lock and load and sing a happy song.
There’s no need for training or even common sense.
What’s the worst that could possibly go wrong?–a-comprehensive-collection-to-commemorate-gun-appreciation-day-517644706

Happy “Gun Appreciation Day” America.