Romney: Attack first, understand later

Posted on September 12, 2012


Apparently, Mitt Romney doesn’t even feel the need anymore to wait until things actually happen before he openly and ignorantly blames President Obama for them in past-tense.

Anti-American protests – inspired by an appalling, ignorant, inflammatory and hate-mongering video produced by America’s pre-eminent racist, Koran-burning, nigh-exalted asshole-in-chief “Minister” Terry Jones that blatantly and crudely that depicts the Muslim Prophet, Mohammed, as a rapist, pedophile and murderer were forming and growing exponentially more volatile, the U.S. embassy in Cairo – not the Obama White House — issued a statement condemning “the continuing efforts by misguided individuals to hurt the religious feelings of Muslims — as we condemn efforts to offend believers of all religions” and apologized for the affrontery of the video.

Clearly, embassy officials were attempting to quell the protesters by officially stating precisely what the fearing-for-their-lives Americans inside the embassy were thinking, feeling and saying.

Within 30 minutes of the Cairo embassy’s statement, Romney was on the air in a hastily gathered press conference to — once again — blame President Obama for “running around the world apologizing for America’s values.” Romney said, “It’s disgraceful that the Obama administration’s first response was not to condemn attacks on our diplomatic missions, but to sympathize with those who waged the attacks.” Romney went on to say that he failed to understand how or why the President wasn’t outraged by the attacks on American diplomatic missions in Libya and Egypt — which hadn’t happened yet.

At the time the embassy officials in Cairo released their statement to try and triage the situation, protests were also building in Libya and the U.S. consulate in Benghazi came under siege shortly thereafter, with news breaking late Tuesday night that four American diplomatic employees, including Ambassador to Libya Christopher Stevens, had been killed. It was around this time that two major American political figures released statements.

One came from Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, which read: “I condemn in the strongest terms the attack on our mission. We are heartbroken by this terrible loss. There is never any justification for violent acts of this kind.”

The other was Romney’s, going after Obama with all the fervor, passion and conviction of a man who clearly and demonstrably didn’t have the slightest fucking idea of what he was talking about or what was actually happening.

Never mind that:

  • The apology Romney was criticizing had nothing whatsoever to do with White House diplomatic relations or foreign policy, but was instead regarding Jones’ hate-film.
  • The apology came from the embassy officials in Cairo and not the White House.
  • The apology was released by Cairo officials nearly half-a-day before protester attacks on the embassy began.
  • President Obama —  *after* the attacks and *after* learning that Americans had been killed — issued EXACTLY the statement that Romney said should have been issued — again … *AFTER* the President knew the facts, unlike Romney’s rush to play another round of his favorite game, “I haven’t the slightest clue what’s going on or what it means, but I blame Obama.”

But let’s put aside for a moment the latest daily example of Mitt Romney’s abject inability to speak the truth. Let’s look for a moment at what this tells us — confirms for us, actually — about Mitt Romney. It proves that he is purely and wholly focused on one thing and one thing only: Finding *anything* he can spin into an attack on President Obama.

Let’s forget, for a moment, that not only did Romney pull his statements directly out of his colonic vault Tuesday night, but then *reiterated* those condemnations Wednesday morning, when the country was still absorbing the news of the first death in service of a U.S. ambassador since 1988, and even as the facts that made him look like a babbling idiot were streaming in faster than Romney could negate or misinterpret them.

The bodies of four innocent Americans hadn’t even been bagged yet, and Mitt Romney *CHOSE* to make it a political theater opportunity, instead of doing what non-robots would do — express regret and mourn.

Romney claimed that President Obama delivered “an apology for America’s values.” Meanwhile, if we leave Planet Kolob, we know that Obama did no such thing.

President Obama’s response was proper, appropriate, measured and — most elusive to Romney — it was presidential.  The president said, “We reject all efforts to denigrate the religious beliefs of others” and that “there is absolutely no justification for this type of senseless violence.” He praised Ambassador Stevens’ service. He expressed the sense of loss over the deaths of Stevens’ staff members. And — as a president should do — he promised “justice for this terrible act” while also committing the United States to continued cooperation with Libya’s legitimate democratic government — which apologized for the attack and expressed sympathy to the families of the victims.

It’s astounding to me that a Mormon would intentionally ignore the assault on religious tolerance that Jones’ film delivered. Jones’ reprehensible film – which provoked the protests and caused the deaths — is a loathsome and despicable example of Jones’ ignorance and bigotry. And Romney said not one word in opposition to it.

So the question hangs in the air like a rotting carcass: Why did Mitt Romney have nothing whatsoever to say about Jones’ film that intentionally displays rampant hatred and disrespect for a major religious faith?

This jug-headed attempt to politicize a humanitarian tragedy before it even happened proves that Mitt Romney has one fall-back position on literally any issue: “Make it Obama’s fault, even if we lie to do it.”  It proves that Romney was lying in July when he “would take the high road and resist the temptation to resort to attack politics” and demanded that Obama do the same. And it proves that Romney broke his own self-imposed oath to stop autonomic criticism of the president and instead “only discuss the issues.”

In his zeal to lash out once again at the President, Mitt Romney showed absolutely no human compassion whatsoever; no remorse for the senseless loss of human life; no understanding of the human feelings of people who think differently from the way he does. No condolences for the families of the dead. Nothing but the patent-pending Mitt Romney “elect me because I’m not Obama” campaign machine.

It’s time to unplug that machine.

Consider it a mercy killing.