The knowns and unknowns of GOP Convention 2012

Posted on August 30, 2012


What you have heard so far:

  • That Mitt Romney’s vast business experience is what will save America
  • That Mitt Romney’s experience as Governor of Massachusetts is what will save America
  • That Mitt Romney’s superior intellect and brilliant knowledge of business is what will save America
  • That, apparently, the focus of Republicans is “love”
  • That Republicans will choose respect over love
  • That Republicans will “usher in a new era of truth telling”
  • That abortion must be illegal, in any form, under any circumstances, with no exceptions
  • That Mitt Romney’s tax plan will be “evocative of President James K. Polk’s tax plan.”
  • That all Americans must share in the sacrifice to make America great again and that there will be pain and sacrifice
  • That only Republicans know how to build anything
  • That Barack Obama hates small business owners
  • That Barack Obama hates corporations
  • That Barack Obama hates the elderly
  • That Barack Obama hates veterans
  • That Barack Obama hates entrepreneurs
  • That Barack Obama hates children
  • That Barack Obama hates America
  • That Barack Obama loves beer
  • That only Republicans understand what role higher education should play in the development and advancement of America’s future
  • That Barack Obama is force-feeding cuts to the Defense Department budget down the throats of loyal Republicans in Congress
  • That Republicans in Congress are fed up with being stymied at every attempt to work with the president to reach compromise on any issue whatsoever.
  • That Barack Obama is responsible for factories and manufacturing plants that closed before he became president.
  • That repealing the Affordable Care Act (i.e., Obamacare) on day one of a Romney presidency is a “mandate from God”
  • That repealing taxes imposed and raised by President Obama is “not only a mandate from God but a mandate from the people … you people”
  • That a Republican-led Congress will put an end to the endless cycle of partisanship, futility, obstruction and ridiculous use of filibusters and other political tricks.
  • That Mitt Romney will return to Americans all the freedoms and opportunities that Barack Obama has stolen from them
  • That Mitt and Ann Romney lived like poverty-stricken college dorm Bohemians in a basement apartment when they were young
  • That Mitt Romney is a self-made success story who didn’t start out from any position of wealth or privilege
  • That Barack Obama is is 51-years-old and that makes his ideas old, and tired, and outdated, and not what this country needs – but 65-year-old Romney is the “fresh face of the young, entrepreneurial spirit that this country desperately needs to take back.”
  • That one of the true, inarguable issues that needs to be addressed is that President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama are too wealthy to be able to connect or empathize with common Americans because they’ve been wealthy for years.

What you HAVEN’T heard so far

  • Any mention whatsoever of Romney’s offshore tax havens
  • Any mention whatsoever of Missouri Senate candidate Todd Akin
  • Any mention whatsoever of “forcible rape” or “legitimate rape” or Akin’s claim that women have pregnancy-preventing anti-rape weaponry built into their vaginas
  • Any mention whatsoever of President Barack Obama’s birthplace or birth certificate
  • Any mention whatsoever of the name “Bain”
  • Any mention whatsoever of the physical location of the jobs supposedly created by Mitt Romney (or any of the other self-professed Republican “job creators” at the convention)
  • Any mention whatsoever of Romney’s actual accomplishments as Governor of Massachusetts
  • Any mention whatsoever of specifics for how Romney and Ryan plan to privatize Medicare;
    • exactly what that will mean to taxpayers in terms of cost
    • exactly how much these “vouchers” would be for, and a contrast to what health care would cost under Romneycare
    • which company they have in mine to take over Medicare operations
    • how much profit that company will reap from owning Medicare
    • what fees and fee structure that company will impose
    • what would happen to the trillion-plus dollars Americans have already paid into Medicare
  • Any mention whatsoever of Mitt Romney’s tax returns
    • including any explanation of why so many mandatory and critical forms seem to be missing from the sole incomplete return Romney has released to the public
  • Any mention whatsoever of the specifics of the Romney/Ryan tax plan
    • including how the $716 Billion they’re claiming Obama is “funneling out of the system” show up verbatim, in the identical context, in Ryan’s own budget proposal
    • including which tax deductions will be eliminated
    • including which new tax deductions or reductions will be implemented
    • including an explanation of how dramatic (or is that dogmatic?) tax cuts will result in more revenue
  • Any mention whatsoever of troop withdrawal from either Iraq or Afghanistan
  • Any mention or appearance whatsoever of George W. Bush or Dick Cheney
  • Any mention whatsoever of specific differences between Mitt Romney’s policy agenda and George W. Bush’s policy agenda
  • Any mention whatsoever of WHY there is absolutely no possible way OR NEED to cut the Defense Department budget
  • Any mention whatsoever of WHAT specifically will replace the Affordable Care Act (i.e., Obamacare) in a Romney presidency
  • Any mention whatsoever of how, exactly, the private sector has been “raided and victimized by Barack Obama” when the Dow Jones is currently and steadily above 13,000
  • Any mention whatsoever of specific bills Republicans have or will propose that will create actual, physical NEW jobs INSIDE the United States
  • Any mention whatsoever of why the $1.087 Billion raised by the Romney campaign isn’t the same kind of “disgrace” that the $651 Million raised by the Obama campaign is.

That’s just what I’ve picked up in the two days of activity that I’ve picked when I’ve had time to watch or listen to the news in the past two days.

I’m sure there’s going to be an entirely new list after Romney — after running for president since 1994 – is “introduced to America” tonight.