The Romney qualification fact list

Posted on August 25, 2012


Since Mitt Romney has flat-out refused to discuss or provide any details whatsoever about his Bain tenure and experience, his record as Governor of Massachusetts, or any of the professional and personal financial tactics that he claims are what make him the only ideal presidential candidate in the country, I thought I would provide a factual list of the remainder of Mitt Romney’s qualifications.

  • Who better to question Obama’s academic credentials than Mitt Romney – who dropped out of Stanford after less than a year, had worse grades when he was “legacied” at Harvard and was determined to be “academically unfit” to publish his thesis?
  • Who better to trash Obamacare than Mitt Romney – who implemented it as Governor?
  • Who better to say that Barack Obama spent too much time at Harvard than Mitt Romney – who spent nearly two years MORE time at Harvard than Obama?
  • Who better to insist that the one incomplete tax return he’s released “should be enough for you people” than Mitt Romney – the son of the man who started the public tax disclosure tradition and said that “releasing fewer than a decade of tax returns does not provide an accurate assessment of one’s tax credibility because one year could easily be a fluke”?
  • Who better to criticize the U.S. Tax Code than Mitt Romney – who has used literally every loophole, credit, deduction and accounting trickery that an independent accounting agency calls “dubious, at best” to pay a lower tax rate every year than someone making $49,220 a year?
  • Who better to claim has spent too much time in Washington than Mitt Romney – who’s spent more than One Trillion Dollars trying to get into the White House since 1994?
  • Who better to criticize the excess of lobbyists in federal funding than Mitt Romney – the man who registered as a lobbyist so he could take $600 Million in federal subsides to fund his 2004 Winter Olympics project?
  • Who better to call Obama an elitist than Mitt Romney – who owns a car elevator in the garage of one of his 9 homes, explains that his wife “only drives a couple of Cadillacs,” said he pays $150 for a pair of jeans just like everybody else, prefers Polo to baseball, and owns a dressage ballet horse?
  • Who better to demand that the 2012 presidential campaign should be about “the issues” than Mitt Romney – who has avoided and refused to discuss any single issue in any detail, and demanded that the three core reasons he claims make him qualified to be president are “off-limits” for discussion, vetting or investigation?
  • Who better to question Obama’s American citizenship than Mitt Romney – who was born on a Polygamist compound in Chihuahua, Mexico?
  • Who better to claim that Obama “has no plan for America’s future” than Mitt Romney – who has systematically refused to publicly provide any details whatsoever of ANY plan he has for any aspect of America’s issues, and has said repeatedly “If I revealed the details of my plan, I won’t get elected”?
  • Who better to criticize Obama’s lack of military service than Mitt Romney – the draft-dodger who hid in France during Vietnam and said his five military-eligible sons are “don’t need to join the military because they’re serving their country by working on my campaign”?
  • Who better to make a public birther joke than Mitt Romney -who demanded that any and all personal issues about candidates in the 2012 election must be “Off-Limits”?

Mitt Romney: “Vote for me because I’m white, I’m rich, and I’m not Obama.”