Congress is the worst union of them all

Posted on June 10, 2012


Can anyone explain how the U.S. Congress is *NOT* a union?

  • It’s widely understood that all Members are grossly overpaid.
  • All Members’ salaries are consistent with a guaranteed minimum, and additional compensation based on seniority.
  • Members can give themselves pay raises.
  • Members receive grotesquely bloated retirement plans.
  • Members receive the absolute best premium priority health care in the country.
  • Members enjoy ridiculous amounts of paid vacation, up to 15 weeks per year plus weekends.
  • Members’ travel, meals, wardrobe costs and expenses are all paid for them as long as they’re claimed as business-related.
  • Members regularly receive gifts and money in exchange for performing specifically on behalf of selective sub-groups of those they are supposed to represent.
  • Members have their own private, taxpayer-funded exclusive federal credit union.
  • The Library of Congress has its own private, taxpayer-funded exclusive federal credit union.
  • Members receive enormous perks and benefits packages.
  • Members consider themselves as elite above the non-union people they’re supposed to represent.
  • Members have almost no accountability and can summarily dismiss investigations into their own behavior.
  • Members created their own self-governing body (the “Super-Congress”) that publicly failed.
  • Members can “strike” whenever they want by simply refusing to participate.
  • Members receive salaries even when not performing their duties (such as campaigning).
  • Organized members can bring the entire structure and progress of their business to a standstill.
  • Members can change their own rules of operation and functionally interpret them however they see fit to best accommodate their own agenda.

If we’re going to bust unions because they’re so over-compensated, undeserving and detrimental to America and Americans, then we should start with the worst of them all.