Fox viewers: P.T. Barnum’s pride and joy

Posted on May 31, 2012


People keep citing this “Fox is number one in the ratings” nonsense.

To illlustrate exactly how the number of viewers relates to the quality of Fox programming:

  • “TV Guide” is the most subscribed-to magazine in the USA.
  • The “Weekly World News” is the most subscribed-to newspaper in the entire world.
  • The “National Enquirer” is the most subscribed-to newspaper in the USA (especially when the cover features “the Bat-Baby”).
  • “Judge Judy” is consistently the most-watched show on television.
  • McDonald’s is the most successful fast food chain in the world; doesn’t mean what they’re selling isn’t garbage.
  • Domino’s is the most-selling pizza chain in the country; doesn’t mean its not healthier and tastier to eat the box than what’s inside.
  • Jiffy Lube has the highest turn-around of customers of any automotive chain in America; doesn’t mean the guy changing the oil (or not, but charging for it anyway) is a master mechanic.
  • Last week, the most-watched television shows recorded by the Neilsen ratings were the NBA Conference Finals, “WWE Raw,” “Pawn Stars,” “Single Ladies” and “Basketball Wives.”
  • Last week, the most-watched show on the Fox Network was the NASCAR Coca-Cola 600. So 6.9 million people sat down Sunday night and watched traffic.

You know what else gets a lot of people watching? Porn, circus freaks and horrific traffic deaths.

Fox has the most viewers, that’s a fact. But study after study – and not only those conducted by Fox’s rivals – prove that Fox viewers are the least informed or most misinformed people in the country. Just because a large number of stupid people watch, doesn’t mean what they’re watching isn’t disinformation, mindless glitter, lies and crap.

Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups. Like teabaggers, and Congress.


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