Dance puppet, dance

Posted on May 9, 2012


One of the most repetitive fake-outrage talking points we hear from Republicans is about how “47 percent of Americans pay no taxes whatsoever.”

Now, aside from that being complete and total bullsh*t because EVERYBODY in America pays state and local taxes, period … let’s look at two diametrically opposing facts:

People who are paying no federal income tax, without the use of loopholes, deductions or credits, are doing so because they do not make enough money annually to be required by the IRS to pay income tax. They literally don’t make enough to be taxed.

Meanwhile, the “job creators” are paying a lower corporate tax rate than they have in more than 70 years, and are raging against even the concept of REDUCING THAT RATE FURTHER if it means supporting a plan that doesn’t come from a Republican.

The “job creators” and their bought-and-paid-for puppets cry that the American corporate tax rate is an outrage. They cry that tax-exempting people who don’t make enough to be able to afford to feed themselves is a vast conspiracy by the left to create a welfare state. The moral fiber of the “job creators” is offended by these “welfare socialists” who “sit around on the couch all day choosing to be unemployed.”

Two questions: Who decides what salary a person gets? Who is supposed to create the jobs these people are supposed to have?

If the “job creators” want to complain that people aren’t paying income taxes, then maybe they should pay people more so they aren’t under the federal poverty line. Maybe they should INSOURCE those 33 Million jobs that they shipped overseas during the Bush “Jobs for America” program.

If the “job creators” are so deeply concerned and dedicated to tax fairness, why are they so adamantly fighting against the Warren Rule which would take away their ability to pay a smaller percentage in income taxes than their employees do? Even their beloved patron saint of Republican ideals – Ronald Reagan – was wholly in favor of slashing the IRS tax code down to a manageable size, eliminating loopholes, shelters and all the other tax dodges that the “job creators” can take advantage of but the “welfare couch potatoes” can’t.  See for yourself – HERE – and I’d love to see how Fox News and the “job creators” can spin this to interpret that Reagan *WOULDN’T* support the Buffet Rule.

Now we have Republican governors literally pointing their fingers at unemployed people and faux-indignantly demanding that they simply get off the couch and go get a job. Well, sure.  As soon as those governors will show exactly where the “job creators” have created those jobs, I’m sure the unemployed will gladly apply.  (That sound you’re hearing is crickets.)

You can’t pay people starve-wages *AND* complain that those people aren’t paying taxes *AND* insist that the tax code in America doesn’t need to be simplified *AND* avail yourself to every conceivable trick, dodge, loophole, shelter and shell game you can find to pay less in taxes than you’re supposed to.

You can’t insult people for not having jobs that don’t exist.

And you can’t praise people and adoringly call them “job creators” – especially if they haven’t created any jobs.

And you can’t claim to be fighting for the American worker and then do everything and anything you can to get the “job creators” even more tax breaks than they already have at the expense of the American worker.

Well, you *CAN* … but you’re a lying, two-faced, self-before-country scumbag if you do.