The numbers don’t lie, Ms. Bachmann

Posted on December 30, 2011


Michele Bachmann missed 2,375 (53.02%) of 4,479 Congressio­nal roll call votes since Jan 4, 2007. She missed 58.7% of votes in Q3-2011 (145 out of 247) and missed NINETY ONE POINT THREE PERCENT of votes in Q4-2011 (190 out of 208). And yet, somehow, she still draws every penny of Congressio­nal salary and perks, plus the profits from her book signing tour (which just *happens* to coincide with her presidenti­al campaign).

Are any of you being paid $175,000 plus $384,000 in perks and bennies every year for doing absolutely NOTHING that you were hired to do, or not even show up to be able to do it?

This graph shows the absenteeism of Michele Bachmann throughout her occasional occupation of a Congressional office.

The absentee rate is in red. The two thin black lines provide a context for understand­ing the significan­ce of the absentee rate. The lower dotted line shows the median value for all Members of Congress in that time period. The upper dotted line shows the 90th percentile­. A Member who approaches the upper dotted line is in the worst 10 percent of Congress. Michele Bachmann, by her own failure to perform her sworn duty as a member of Congress, is in the 99.9904th percentile of the worst in Washington­.

But cheer up, Bachmann fans: She *IS* batting 1000 in one area:  In her entire Congressional career, Michele Bachmann has personally written and/or sponsored a grand total of ZERO bills that ever even got out of committee, let alone ever came to a vote or were passed into law.   Go team.

The numbers don’t lie. But Bachmann and her supporters sure do.

Where is everyone who was so morally indignant and personally outraged over Barack Obama’s “present” votes (313 votes out of 2,784 … 11.23 percent of his total vote participation)? Oh, they’re probably far too busy complaining about the 26 days of vacation he’s taken in three years.

And what are some of the votes that Bachmann decided she was too busy to show up for?

  • H.R. 501: Final measure to extend the payroll tax holiday, extend Federally funded unemployment insurance benefits, or prevent decreases in reimbursement for physicians who provide care to Medicare beneficiaries.
  • H.R. 3630: To provide incentives for the creation of jobs, and for other purposes: Motion to postpone until after Congressional holiday vacation.
  • H.R. 502: Providing for consideration of the Senate amendments to the bill (H.R. 3630) to provide incentives for the creation of jobs; and providing for consideration of the resolution (H.Res. 501).
  • H.R. 3672: Making appropriations for disaster relief requirements for the fiscal year ending September 30, 2012, and for other purposes.
  • H.R. 2055: Making appropriations for military construction, the Department of Veterans Affairs, and related agencies for the fiscal year ending September 30, 2012, and for other purposes.
  • H.R. 3421: To award Congressional Gold Medals in honor of the men and women who perished as a result of the terrorist attacks on the United States on September 11, 2001.

Tell us again, Auntie Michele, what you did when you were in Congress.

On second thought … don’t. We’ve already heard all your talking points about your “deep, personal commitment to public service.”