Trent Franks is literally useless to the district that elected him

Posted on October 24, 2011


Trent Franks was elected in 2002 to replace retiring Congressman Bob Stump. There was, as usual, a lot of noise, a lot of pomp, and a lot of circumstance surrounding his campaign. And, also as usual, all that noise signified nothing – as evidenced by the unarguable fact that Trent Franks has done absolutely nothing for District 2 since he first conned people into electing him.

According to the U.S. Library of Congress, Trent Franks has sponsored 16 bills since Jan 7, 2003 of which NONE have made it out of committee and NONE were successfully enacted.

  • Of those 16 bills, SEVEN of them are repeat bills that he has resubmitted word-for-word every two years, changing on the year in the name of the bill’s title.
  • Of those 16 bills, Franks failed to convince even one other Republican to co-sponsor SIX of them.
  • Of those 16 bills, ONE would have had even a remote relevance and impact to District 2.
  • Here is the list of Franks’ 16 failed bill proposals.

Franks has missed 106 roll call votes since Jan 7, 2003.

In February of last year, Franks said abortion is worse than slavery and that African-Americans were better off under slavery than they are today: “Half of all black children are aborted. Far more of the African-American community is being devastated by the policies of today than were being devastated by policies of slavery.”

Trent Franks voted against the Post 9/11 G.I. Bill (H.R. 2642) which would have made it easier for returning military veterans to go to college.

What was the last thing that Franks that actually, directly benefited District 2?  On July 22, 2004, Franks co-sponsored House Resolution H.R. 4837, “The Military Construction Appropriations Act of 2005” which obtained $7.3 Million in federal funding to build the Litchfield Underpass, which ultimately cost more than $28.4 Million after “budget over-runs and unforeseen expenses.”

What was Franks voting on TODAY instead of anything that even remotely has anything to do with District 2?  He voted in favor of a bill to require the Secretary of the Interior to convey the McKinney Lake National Fish Hatchery to the State of North Carolina; and he voted in favor of a bill to designate a Distinguished Flying Cross National Memorial at the March Field Air Museum in Riverside, California.

I wonder how many local jobs those bills created for District 2 residents.

Franks even voted against HR 946: “The Plain Writing Act of 2010,” which sought to enhance citizen access to Government information and services by establishing that Government documents issued to the public must be written clearly, concisely and with as little convolution as possible. Why would a sitting U.S. Representative vote AGAINST a bill that would make the laws Congress passes more transparent and easier for the common taxpayer to understand?

Franks said it was “Because the bill is superfluous and it’s simply not something we should waste time on when there are far more urgent problems facing America.”

I guess Trent Franks’ idea of “urgent problems” include forming a federal exploratory committee to gauge residual radiation in the Mohave Desert left over from World War II bomb testing, turning parcels of land in the Mohave Valley into a shooting range, and the ever-so-critical issue of authorizing the U.S. Capitol Rotunda for a “Being Untouchable” photography exhibit which “highlights different aspects of the social exclusion, resilience, and extraordinary spirit of the Dalit community in India, and for a ceremony in honor of the exhibition.”

And should it come as any surprise that Franks was one of the very first Republicans in Congress to sign up for the multi-billionaire Koch Brother’s privately funded “Congressional Civil Justice Caucus Academy” offering members of Congress and their staff free meals, gifts and trips in order to “educate” the lawmakers on controversial pro-business reforms.

Trent Franks is as useless to District 2 as a lead paint salesman is to a class of kindergarten students.