My first 5 days as U.S. President

Posted on September 12, 2011


As your next President of the United States, before the end of my first five days in office, I will:

  1. Eliminate all incentives for outsourcing jobs & require the return a minimum of 66% of all jobs that have already been outsourced.
  2. Permanently eliminate the $106,800 cap on the Social Security tax.
  3. Permanently eliminate the current 2,800-page U.S. Tax code and replace it with a two-sentence tax code:
    1. All U.S. citizens will pay 12% of any money they earn annually, regardless of source, type or designation.
    2. All businesses operating or incorporated within the United States will pay a flat 19% annual tax, without exemption, exception, or deferment.
  4. Revoke the deployment of all U.S. National Guard troops to any location outside the natural boarders of the 48 contiguous United States, Hawaii and Alaska.
  5. Reduce the salary of the United States Congress to a flat $125,000 per year, and strip Congress of any and all benefits and perquisites that any other citizen of the United States does not receive.
  6. Increase the base salary for teachers, firefighters, police, paramedics and non-doctoral medical professionals by 30 percent.
  7. Order the immediate arrest of any U.S. citizen or business that avoids or has avoided their tax obligation by hiding funds overseas.
  8. Immediately replace all money taken out of the Social Security fund for non-Social Security uses, and the money will come directly from a 40% reduction in Defense and Defense Contract budgets.
  9. Revoke the tax-exempt status of all churches and religious organizations that attempt to influence or participate in the operation of government.
  10. Implement an immediate and retroactive two-term maximum term of service for any individual in any capacity in the U.S. Congress.
  11. Be assassinated.