Congress: Living fat off the hog

Posted on August 18, 2011


For those demanding proof of the $491,000 annual perks and benefits package that all members of Congress receive in addition to their average $186,375 salary:

  • Health care benefits
  • Vacation
  • Premium retirement fund with hedge fund reinforcement
  • Per Diem (at $272 per day) for every day Congress “does business”
  • Annual 4% Cost of Living Increase
  • All commute expenses to/from Washington
  • Domestic Travel, Lodging & expenses
  • Foreign Travel, Lodging & expenses
  • Cell phone & Internet service
  • Meals/Entertainm­ent & expenses
  • 18-person staff allowance (up to $167,200 per staff member)
  • Wardrobe & maintenanc­e allowance
  • Mail/franking, personaliz­ed stationery­, docs/pubs, including full personaliz­ed leather-bound judicial & encyclopae­dic reference library
  • Legal representa­tion excluding felony criminal prosecutio­n
  • Notary Public services
  • Courier services

There’s a LOT more. Check for yourself if you’re still in doubt.

Congressional Perquisites

Full breakdown of Congressional pay, perquisites and benefits