Bachmann: “I’m not a doctor, I just tell people I am.”

Posted on August 18, 2011


It seems that Michele Bachmann doesn’t feel that the sobriquet “Senator” or “Congresswoman” is sufficient to convey just how impressive a person she wants you to think she is.  Apparently, according to printed documents and video news footage from the 1990s and early 2000s, Bachmann wants to be called “doctor” … even though she isn’t one.

From 1997 through 2003, Bachmann presented, introduced, identified and advertised herself as “Dr. Michele Bachmann,” even though she has never obtained nor sought the advanced degree that is a legal prerequisite for using the title of “doctor.”

In 2000, newly elected state Senator Bachmann issued a news release repeatedly invoking her self-appointed honorarium. “On the first ballot, Dr. Michele Bachmann was endorsed 62% to Laidig’s 38%,” it read. “Dr. Bachmann herself, who arrived at her convention with no intention of running, was shocked by her victory.”

“Dr. Bachmann” — at least in her mind — gives her more credibility … except, of course, for the fact that calling herself a doctor is a lie. Bachmann received the standard law school degree from Oral Roberts University. The degree is called a “juris doctor” in the respective field of study, but it is not an advanced doctoral degree. And all the defensive claims of “but it has the word doctor right in it” doesn’t change the facts.

Bachmann also persistently refers to herself as a “tax attorney” or “tax litigation attorney” even though, according to the state of Minnesota, she is not currently authorized to practice law in that state and hasn’t been for more than a decade. Bachmann received an LL.M. in tax law from William & Mary in 1988. For basic law school graduates like Bachmann, “Esquire” is the customary term of address.

But obscure terms like “esquire” and “post-graduate student” don’t have the kind of instant recognition Bachmann needs from her bumper-sticker slogan approach to campaign, nor do those titles resonate as impressive with her fan base, who actually believe all the people in white coats on TV drug commercials are actually doctors, as well.

So, not only is Bachmann comfortable with lying about her Congressional service and legislative record, she even likes to lie about her qualifications for having not achieved the things she claims to have achieved.

But the kewpie doll still leads, alternately, with her male kewpie doll counterpart, Rick Perry – proving once again that where teabagger politicians and supporters are concerned, proven fact doesn’t matter; pretty fiction does.