Congress: “Screw the Middle Class, they’re supposed to be poor!”

Posted on August 8, 2011


You may wonder; Is a one letter downgrade really that big of a deal? Yes! This downgrade has led to the worst week in the U.S. stock market in two years. The S&P 500 stock index fell 10.8 percent — 1,252 points — in just five trading days. U.S. Treasury bonds are now rated lower than bonds issued by Britain, Germany and France. U.S. Treasury bonds were once thought of as the safest in the world. They’re now ranked as B-rating bonds.

China holds more than $1 Trillion of U.S. debt. Beijing has been urging and warning America to protect its U.S. dollar investments by addressing its budget, spending and revenue problem for MONTHS. Congress chose to ignore those warnings because “What do the Chinese know about American finances?” In light of the reaction to “the grand plan,” the arrogance, insolence, ignorance and political flatulence is palpable.

The securities industry trade group SIFMA said, “The downgrade over time will increase funding costs for public debt by some $100 Billion.”

It is clear that Congress couldn’t care less about the government fiscal deficit. The Republicans care about NOTHING but ousting Obama from office. The Democrats care about NOTHING but playing it safe so they can say they’re weren’t part of the coming crash.

This year alone we have added of $1.4trillion to the federal debt – largely because we’re STILL sending $11 Billion every month to Afghanistan; we’re STILL sending $10.2 Billion every month to Iraq; and we’re now sending $6 Billion every month to Libya (again).  Ever-so-coincidentally, Halliburton – which has the federal reconstruction and service contracts for all three of those war-torn locations – post a 42 PERCENT INCREASE IN NET PROFIT last quarter. Exxon-Mobil collected another RECORD-HIGH quarterly profit of $21.7 BILLION; Shell, $20.2 Billion. Even British-Petroleum – BP – posted a PROFIT last quarter of $12.8 Billion – all while trying to legalese its way out of payment to the citizens of the oil-ravaged Gulf of Mexico. Oh … and Exxon … they paid NOTHING in federal taxes last year, thanks to the enormous loopholes in the tax code that Republicans refuse to even consider removing, Democrats couldn’t find the balls to get closed, and a President who couldn’t score against an open net with no goalie.

At a time when the wealthiest people in this country are not only continuing to rake in profit, they’re HOARDING CASH and they have the lowest effective tax rate is the lowest in SEVEN DECADES. The average effective tax rate of those making less than $250,000 per year in 2010 was 19.81 percent. The average effective tax rate of those making MORE than $250,000 per year in 2010 was 8.74 percent. But the right-wing puppets still gleefully do the “it’s not fair to ask the rich for more” dance.

Meanwhile, working families, children, the sick and the elderly – many of whom are already suffering because of the third year of this recession – will shoulder the entire burden, exactly as Republicans and the teabaggers wanted.  Here’s just an appetizer of the cuts that are coming your way as part of “the deal”:

  • The waiting lists for affordable childcare and Head Start have increased 188% and 168% respectively since December 2008. Those lists have increased another 52% and 58% since May 2011.
  • America ranks 34th globally in education, but an estimated 82,000 teachers will be laid off due to school district budget cuts. Massive cuts in federal student aid programs, grants and tuition assistance have already been enacted.
  • America is ranked 38th in the world for nutrition per capita, but more than $600 Million in cuts are underway to various nutrition programs.
  • 50 million Americans have no health insurance, but the regulatory agencies overseeing health care cost increases are being defunded by at least 28 percent.
  • 43 states have already laid off more than 700,000 public service employees, but the plan includes further police and firefighter layoffs, and large reductions in federal support for roads, bridges, water quality, sewage and public transportation.

That’s just for starters. There will also be double-digit percentage cuts in home heating assistance, affordable housing, support for family based agriculture, and research in finding cures for cancer and other diseases, as well as major staffing reductions in agencies charged with protecting the physical health and economic well-being of our citizens. The budget for the EPA, which enforces clean water and clean air rules, is to be cut by 28 percent. The Securities and Exchange Commission, which regulates Wall Street, will be destaffed by 22 percent.

But Republicans and teabaggers still refuse to see the pattern. They refuse to acknowledge that the plan all along has been to gut the middle class and force them to become part of the lower class – all with the intention of creating a feudal two-tier caste system consisting of the ultra-rich, and everybody else.

Enough is enough! The American people must fight back. We need a government which represents all the people, not just the wealthy, campaign contributors and lobbyists. You can sit there and bitch and hurl the asinine armchair epithets about “that Communist Socialist Black Bastard in the White House,” or you can do something about it. You can keep flying one party’s flag or the other, which both parties are shoving the flagpole up your backside, or you can do something about it.

Sign the petition to force Congress to stop bending you over and telling you that you’re supposed to like it.