Congress polls 2nd lowest approval rating in history

Posted on August 4, 2011


A poll to gauge the nation’s approval rating of the 112th U.S. Congress, conducted just after the announcement of this week’s debt ceiling agreement between President Obama and congressional leaders, finds approval of Congress falling to just 14 percent, down sharply from 26 percent in January. The new result represents the lowest congressional approval rating measured since its inception.

With that, and with profound apologies to Mr. Ray Charles …

Well it’s crying time again, they’re gonna leave you.
They can see that “give a sh*t” look in your eye
And before you think you’re gonna be re-elected
the rest of us will see you pay for all your crimes.

Now you might think you’re above the laws of this great country,
and that you can’t be held to blame for what you’ve done
But then you backstabbe­d all those fools who blindly praised you
and forgot most of them own at least one gun.

Yes, it’s crying time again, your career is over
You might as well learn how to cook McDonald’s fries

Because you screwed the country simply once too often

And now you’ll pay for all your greed and blatant lies.