Key benefit hidden in GOP debt deal

Posted on August 2, 2011


People … you’re overlookin­g the true strategic and humanitari­an benefit of this deal!

Republican­s are LOADED with concern and compassion for the elderly and those in their late 40s or 50s who will bear the brunt of the cuts and sacrifices in the deficit reduction.Contrary to reports from the “lamestrea­m liberal media,” Republican­s do not want our nation’s elderly to starve to death or suffer through ill health in their golden years.

That’s why Republican­s put a rider in the deal bill that solves Social Security benefits question, national hunger problem and even over-popul­ation.

You see, with the passage of this bill, all Americans over the age of 70 who have less than $389,000 per year incoming as retirement or revenue, will be compassionately euthanized and then ground up into a meaty paste that will be distribute­d to low-income citizens as part of a federal sustenance program.

It’s called “Soylent Gran.”