Boehner lies like there’s no yesterday

Posted on July 25, 2011


Speaker of the House John Boehner indicates the amount of a standard camapgin donation that is required, in hundred thousands, to buy his vote on any given issue.

Here are just a few of lies and distortions uttered by Speaker of the House John Boehner tonight.

Boehner: “…amazed at how different Washington DC operates than every business in America”

Uh John? You DO realize that the United States of America is not USA Inc., right? Last I checked, the United States is a county, which is not the same as the used car lot, or whatever it is that you think you’re running.

Boehner: “…on the heels of the largest spending binge in American history.”

Uh John? You DO realize that George W. Bush and the Republicans racked up $5 trillion in new policies, compared to just $1.4 trillion under Obama (and most of that was to deal with the economic crisis that was primarily created by Republican policies)?

Boehner: “A healthcare plan nobody asked for …”

Mr. Speaker, you have to be crack-smoking stupid if you think that no one elected Barack Obama to help get health insurance for all Americans. Ask any family who has declared bankruptcy due to the expenses associated with long-term illness. Ask any family who has had to watch loved ones suffer or die because they did not have the cash or credit necessary to obtain necessary care.

“The House passed a bi-partisan plan”:

While Boehner did mention that the President threatened to veto cut, cap, and balance, he ever-so-conveniently forgot to mention that the House’s brilliant little plan passed along party lines with a tiny handful of Democratic support. He also conveniently left out that the House plan got nowhere in the Senate. In fact, Mr. Speaker, your counterpart in the Senate, Sen. Mitch “I hate that n|@&#r” McConnell, has recommended a plan that has garnered more bi-partisan support; three Republicans and three Democrats in the Senate recommended a plan that makes far deeper cuts than those approved in the House; and Republican Tom Coburn recommended a plan that I personally dislike, but that would have a better chance of passing than your plan simply because it’s 9 trillion in cuts were offset by a trillion in increased revenue.

Boehner stood there and spit invective at HCR and the stimulus, but doesn’t have enough integrity, honor or courage to admit the simple and obvious truth: the Republicans controlled the White House, Senate, and House from 2001-2006, and never saw fit to pass a balanced budget amendment — choosing instead to make reckless tax cuts because they were more interested in getting re-elected than in solving America’s problems.

Anyway, those are just a few selected lies and distortions from Boehner’s steaming pack of bullsh*t … er … speech.  There’s plenty more, to the point where pretty much every word that came out of either one of his mouths was either wrong, distorted, fallacious, erroneous, drawn from a parallel universe, or just outright total horsesh*t.

Remember this night the next time you’re thinking, “Pfffft, voting doesn’t matter, I don’t think I’ll vote in this election.”