The Summer 2011 Politics Memorial Haiku

Posted on July 20, 2011


While Cantor backstabs,
and Boehner tries not to cry,
the nation crumbles.

McConnell stands firm;
won’t allow re-election,
no matter the cost.

Protecting the rich
and victimizing the poor
is GOP’s plan.

Palin stays stupid,
blaming “lamestream media”
for her word-salad.

Tax cuts for the rich
must be preserved at all costs,
but slash Medicare.

How dare you who paid into
Social Security
expect your money?

Bachmann stays crazy;
while Glenn Beck laughs at victims.
Can you say “backfire”?

Baby-killer mom
hides out in Arizona
where gun laws don’t rule.

Fox kneels to Murdoch,
claiming too much coverage.
with “pile on” buzz words.

Last minute debt deal,
sure to be made August 2.
Dems will cave again.

Teabaggers laughing,
thinking they’re running the show.
November surprise.