More former lobbyists on GOP staffs now than any Congress ever

Posted on July 12, 2011


The number of former lobbyists working as key congressional staffers has more than doubled since the Republican Party took control of the House of Representatives, a new report finds.

The Center for Responsive Politics found that 128 former lobbyists work in key staff positions in this Congress, compared to 60 in the last one. Researchers also determined that two House committees — Financial Services and Energy and Commerce — have the highest cumulative number of former lobbyists employed by their members.” Each have 14 former lobbyists now actively influencing legislation on the industries for which they used to work directly.

The report notes the pervasiveness of former lobbyists in the 112th Congress is due primarily to freshman Republican TEA Party representatives who actively recruited leading lobbyists to staff their offices. Nearly all Republicans cited in the report campaigned as “enemies of the establishment” and vowed to “bring honor, ethics and transparency back to Washington.” The report finds that 39 of the nation’s 50 largest companies have former hired-guns now working for the very congressional committees they used to lobby.

Ahhh … the stench of Republican hypocrisy. Isn’t it wonderful to be living under a Congress that just rotates whomever is necessary to best advocate and give advantage to America’s corporations?

The reality is that Congress is definitely full of something. But it’s certainly not honor, ethics or transparency.


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