John McCain, it’s time for your Geritol and your nap

Posted on June 21, 2011


Does anyone really need any more evidence that John McCain is certifiably senile?

McCain says the rampant wildfires in all over Arizona that have already devastated more than a million acres and are still burning were started by illegal aliens crossing into the United States in northern Arizona.

He’s got absolutely no evidence, mind you, and he scoffs at senior firefighting officials who said on-the-record that there is NO EVIDENCE to support or even suggest McCain’s dementia-riddled prattle. There’s just the delusions rattling around in McCain’s vacuous head. And exactly why would illegals need fires in the desert “to keep warm” as McCain claims, when the overnight temperature hasn’t dropped below 70 degrees since March?

McCain’s a clown. Whatever shreds of honor, integrity or credibility he might have once had; he flushed away with his insipid selection of Sarah Palin, his asinine statements, his blatant hypocrisy on issues like immigration, campaign finance and corporate welfare; and proving that he’ll say literally anything, no matter how much he contradicts himself, even from one on-camera appearance to the next, if he thinks he can finagle a vote out of his audience of suckers du jour.

Remember, all you folks struggling with foreclosure, unpaid bills, collection agencies and unemployment: John McCain said that the definition of “wealthy” is “anyone making more than $5 Million a year.”

McCain is the guy who has personally authored or co-authored FIVE amnesty bills.

McCain is the guy who was out here at Luke Air Force Base playing air guitar and having birthday cake with George W. Bush on the day after Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans, and then voted against virtually every assistance measure proposed to help the victims of the hurricane.

McCain is the guy who said he never – not even once – referred to himself as “a maverick.”

McCain is the guy who said on the Bill O’Reilly show that Arizona “is totally infested with Culos Locos, insane Mexicans who literally do nothing but steal cars and crash them into innocent Arizonans for thrills.”

And this is the guy who held a press conference to tell you that “the fundamental strategies and support systems of our national economy are strong and sound” the day before the stock market crashed and the financial meltdown began in 2008, and then told you that “the American economy was in total crisis” just 36 hours later.

John McCain: Giving Michele Bachmann a serious run for her “bat-sh*t crazy” title.