GOP: Hookers good, emails bad

Posted on June 7, 2011


The chairman of the Republican party says Rep. Anthony Weiner should resign after admitting he sent a lewd photo of himself on Twitter to a woman and then lied about it repeatedly.

Reince Priebus says in a statement that either House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi and Democratic chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz believe that members of Congress are held to a different standard, or they believe the congressman’s actions demand his departure from the House.

Great. Weiner can get in line right behind Republican Rep. David Vitter, who In July 2007, was exposed for his nearly decades-long practice of paying for sex with prostitutes in Washington DC, Louisiana and Alabama. Oh, and Vitter liked to wear diapers and have hookers “change him” during his “indiscretions.”

Apparently, according to Republicans these days, sending underpants photo emails to women while married and lying about it is a far worse and more despicable “deep personal failure and inappropriate behavior” than repeatedly paying for actual sex with hookers while married and lying about it.

So Weiner should be kicked out of Congress but Vitter shouldn’t?  Could someone tell me, exactly, what does a Republican have to be caught doing in order to be held to the same “higher standard” that Republicans demand Democrats adhere to?

The GOP automatically goes into forgive-and-forget mode when their own are literally caught paying for sex with hookers (Vitter, Eliot Spitzer, John Ensign, Randall Tobias). But when a Democrat gets caught with his pants down, literally, they launch into self-righteous faux-indignation holier-than-thou mode.

Republican hypocrisy on this one is just staggering, and can’t be argued.

If we kicked every politician out of office who’s caught in conduct-unbecoming, Washington would be a ghost town.

… which isn’t such a bad idea.