Weiner admits to lying about lewd photos, being hacked and e-infidelity

Posted on June 6, 2011


U.S. Representative Anthony Weiner admitted today that he lied when he said his Twitter account had been hacked after a lewd photo of his genitalia showed up all over the Internet late last week. Weiner admits that he sent that photo and many others to several young female Twitter followers with whom he has been carrying on several sex-based Internet relationships with at least six women for several years.

Weiner says he has sent inappropriate photos to and had inappropriate communications with at least six women he friended on Facebook over the past three years – some after he was married – and says he’s “very sorry,” but that his wife knew about the e-affairs the whole time. He claims that he has never met any of the women in person with whom he conducted the online relationships.

“I panicked, and took it down and said that I’d been hacked,” Weiner said today. “I thought I could carry it off … the lying … because the whole thing just blew up so fast and there was so much speculation. I thought I might be able to put this whole story under the rug quickly and move on. I feel that I’ve betrayed my wife, my constituents, and the women – the innocent victims in all this – and that I betrayed the American people when I should have just been honest about things.”

Weiner says he hopes the people of New York will understand how panicked he felt, why he did what he did, and that he lied with “only good intentions” and made “terrible mistakes.”

Weiner admits there was no hacking of his account, there was no conspiracy, and that he bears the sole responsibility for the entire situation.

Weiner also says he’s not going to resign his seat in the U.S. House of Representatives over it. He said he will not leave office voluntarily.

You know something, “Congressman”?  I really don’t think you’re going to have to worry about “voluntarily” part.