Congress: Stop with the empty “what we need to do” mantra and DO IT!

Posted on June 1, 2011


Ever noticed how the only thing you ever hear a politician say anymore is what “we need to do”?

I can’t remember the last time I heard any politician­, on either side of the aisle, plainly state what HE or SHE *WILL* do or *IS* doing about any problem you could name.

And remember, *ALL* of this budget niggling has been over ONLY 1.6 PERCENT OF THE ENTIRE FEDERAL BUDGET. The remaining 98.4% hasn’t even been approached or discussed.Somebody tell me, precisely, what we are getting in exchange for the $22.7 BILLION PER MONTH that America is spending on Iraq, Afghanista­n and Libya. So far, more than $3.28 TRILLION has been spent on utterly needless and unwinnable “concept wars” since 2001, and we pump $22.7 Billion more every month.

How bad would this country’s debt and deficit be if A) we never engaged in those futile, pointless and very corporate-profitable wars, and B) pulled *ALL* our troops out tomorrow and stopped funneling the cash hemorrhage to the Middle East and the politically tied federal contractors?

Notice how *THAT* won’t even be referenced­, much less discussed.

You see? That’s the trick: If you tell enough ignorant, lazy, anti-intellectual fools what “we” need to do – and tell them often enough – they will eventually dumb the thought down to “we do” and convince themselves they aren’t being lied to and screwed seven ways from Sunday by an electorate that literally couldn’t care less about them.

And if you can pin the blame – real or imaginary – on the “other” party, well, that’s just biscuits and gravy.