Gingrich: Counting on a stupid, forgetful & gullible electorate

Posted on May 16, 2011


If you ever had any doubt that what laughingly passes for a “qualified presidential candidate” these days is nothing more than a lying hypocrite who wants you to listen to what he says instead of making note of what he’s done, look no further than Newt Gingrich.

“Judge me by what I can do for America now, rather than only by my mistakes in the past,” Gingrich said Sunday in perhaps the single-most shameless display of cowardice and shirking of personal responsibility I’ve ever seen.

Gingrich literally wants people to forget his lies, deceit, screw-ups and sheer hypocrisy of his past, and listen to what he’s saying *now.”

He might as well just put on his best used car salesman grin at us and say, “Trust me, I won’t **** you over like I did every other time.”

Gingrich, who was cheating on his second wife (the one he cheated on his first wife with) at the same time he led the witch-hunt against Bill Clinton’s affair with Monica Lewinsky.

Gingrich, who said in 1987 that his first wife, stricken with cancer, “was no longer pretty enough to be First Lady.”

Gingrich, who personally and knowingly bounced 22 checks during the House of Representative banking scandal and then said America was “making too big a deal out of it because there are others who bounced more than he did.”

Gingrich, who said that “it’s foolish to think that a politician would be tainted by taking money from corporate executives,” while he personally collected more than $300,000 from the same corporate executives he glad-handed and guided legislation toward.

Gingrich, who took “an undisclosed amount” from the GOPAC lobby while simultaneously taking taxpayer subsidies in campaign funding and then declared that campaign finance reform “is a big waste of time.”

Gingrich, who was publicly and formally censured by the House Ethics Committee for numerous and repeated ethics violations, campaign funding violations, and multiple instances of other House rule violations.

Gingrich, who personally arranged for the Israel Export Development Company to hire his wife and pay her a salary of $2,500 a month plus commissions in September 1994 after he announced support for a free trade zone in Israel directly benefited the Israel Export Development Company. Gingrich literally laughed at reporters who questioned the situation and said there was no conflict of interest.

Gingrich, who is running for the 2012 presidency on a “Values” platform … the same Gingrich who forced his first wife (his former high school teacher) to sign divorce papers while she recovered from cancer surgery and left her penniless as he trotted off to marry his mistress, whom he later divorced as she was stricken with Multiple Sclerosis, when he was cheating on her as well … and then had the audacity to blame his “passion for America” for his inability to keep his little congressman in his pants.

Gingrich, who said that Nancy Pelosi “isn’t anywhere near a good enough liar to be Speaker of the House.”

Gingrich: The pompous, two-faced poster-child of every bad Republican policy and behavior of an entire generation, who now wants you to “pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.”

Fine, Newt. But you be sure to pay attention to the people behind the voting curtain next November when they remember what a pathetic, self-aggrandizing, holier-than-thou, lying piece of human garbage you are.