GOP 2012: The Field of Dream-on

Posted on April 13, 2011


You have plenty of GOP choices:

  • Sarah “Where Can I Cash This Check” Palin
  • Michelle “I Flunked a Third Grade American History Test Last Week” Bachmann
  • Donald “I Bankrupted My Own Casino and Donated $600,000 to Democrats in 2010” Trump
  • Newt “My Mistresses All Thought Clinton Should Have Been Hanged for Adultery” Gingrich
  • Tim “Pardons-for-Dollars” Pawlenty
  • Mitt “I Inspired Obama’s Health Care Law” Romney
  • Mike “Republican teen pregnancy is great, Democrat teen pregnancy is a sin” Huckabee
  • Rand “If You Can’t Charm ‘Em into sex, Abduct ‘Em” Paul
  • Chris “Never Met a Prosecutor I Couldn’t Bribe” Christie
  • Mitch “Ignore My Record, Trust What I’m Telling You” Daniels
  • Bobby “Mister Rogers Was Too Edgy” Jindahl
  • Lindsey “Yes Massuh McCain, Right Away, Suh!” Graham

The GOP: The Party of No Answers.