A fiction sandwich, with a side of fact

Posted on April 13, 2011


An Independent, a Republican and a Democrat were having lunch one day, discussing their respective tax situations.

“I’m getting a fairly hefty refund because of all green technology I installed in my house last year. So I’m thinking of using the refund as a down-payment on a new hybrid car,” the Independent said.

“I’m not getting a refund because I calculated my taxes almost to the dime. I’m going to buy an SUV and use federal credits and deductions to have the government buy it for me,” the Democrat said.

“Well, my company is subsidized by the government, so I had them buy me a new Mercedes, put it on my expense account, claim three times its value as a deduction under a loophole my accountant found, and I’ll get a nice fat federal rebate on it for using my personal vehicle for business on next year’s taxes,” the Republican said.

At that point, the Republican and the Democrat both said they had meetings to attend, got up and left, and stuck the Independent with the check for lunch.

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