Fox News Leading Headlines – April 7, 2011

Posted on April 7, 2011


Ever the hot-bed of journalistic core principles,  Fox News believes these are the stories you should be reading today:

  • Eva Longoria Has Wardrobe Malfunction on David Letterman’s Show
  • First ‘Gay’ Caveman Found
  • Stars Who Lost Their Looks
  • Amber Frey Sued Over Sex Book
  • Mariah Carey took ‘naked and pregnant’ photos after she started having contractions
  • Grandma Shuts Down Entire Country’s Internet
  • Ryan Seacrest ousts Simon Cowell as Hollywood’s top reality dawg
  • Brooke Shields: My Virginity Saved Me From the ‘Casting Couch’
  • Stars Who Are High School Dropouts
  • Was There a Natural Nuclear Blast on Mars?
  • Jessica Simpson: Full-Figured and Finally Happy?
  • ‘Dog the Bounty Hunter’ Daughter Charged With harassment
  • Wendy Williams Blows Off Partner, Acts Strangely Backstage After ‘Dancing’ Elimination
  • Charlie Sheen Wants to Trademark ‘Tiger Blood’ and 21 Other Phrases, Report Says
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