Sarah Palin profits from law she signed as governor

Posted on March 30, 2011


Sarah Palin, Queen of Paychecks, has struck again.

Now, I know you’ll be shocked by this. Gosh, I sure was. But it appears that the teabaggers’ darling, Sarah Palin, has somehow managed to find a way to make yet another personal profit. This time, it’s from a piece of Alaska state legislation that she personally created back before she quit as Governor.

There’s a term in Washington for lawmakers or staff who create legislation that then enriches them in the private sector; it’s called “feathering your nest.” It appears that TV’s most prominent whiner found a way to pocket 1.2 million “feathers” through “The Alaska Film Incentive Program,” which she signed into law in June of 2008.

Palin signed the bill to bring movie-making back to Alaska with an initial state-funded budget of $350,000.  And what bait did Palin use to lure in the Hollywood big ones?  For starters, film companies get a 30 percent transferable tax credit — “transferable” meaning cash goes directly to the recipient in exchange for a state voucher, issued by the same state. Film makers also get an additional 10 percent transferable credit for hiring Alaska actors and support staff, and a 2 percent cash bonus for filming during winter months and/or in rural areas.

So that’s 42 percent of a show’s $4 million-plus budget, paid directly back to the senior executive producer.  Care to guess who the “Senior Executive Producer” of “Sarah Palin’s Alaska” was?

“Sarah Palin’s Alaska,” the TLC reality show starring the former half-governor in her home state, is receiving more than $1.2 million in tax credits for filming in Alaska. That is, of course, in addition to the $1 million per episode Palin received through her contract with TLC (formerly known as “The Learning Channel” before it was determined that any audience that would watch a show like Palin’s thought there were too many fancy, uppity syllables in that name), and the  $14 million salary Fox News pays her to “contribute,” and the $100,000 she charges per speaking engagement.

And if you’re ever hoping to see the Quitmeister participate in a televised presidential debate, don’t hold your breath.  Palin’s Fox salary gets suspended the moment she declares herself as an actual candidate. Besides, as Palin will snarkily tell you,  the real money’s in people wondering if you’ll run.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering why such a cultural, educational and philosophical gold mine like Palin’s show didn’t get renewed for a second season, it just MIGHT have something to do with Palin demanding $60 million from TLC, six times her first season paycheck.

So, those of you who might actually think Sarah Palin will someday be president, rest assured it won’t happen. Eight-figure gold-diggers like Palin would never accept the cut in pay.