Which version of presidential hopeful Mitch Daniels should we believe?

Posted on February 28, 2011


I could go on and on and on, giving example after example of why Indiana Republican Governor and former Bush II budget director should be laughed off the presidential ballot in 2012. I could cite a litany of his financial decisions and directives that were outright disasters – not the least of which being the gross naiveté and ignorance regarding Iraq and Afghanistan spending, nor his unfailing disregard for the long-term negative fiscal impact of the Bush tax cuts. But that would be subjective.

Instead, I’ll just provide you with a verbatim now-and-then from Daniels’ own mouth that exquisitely proves the point.

Iraq will be a short, successful war; an affordable endeavor that will not require sustained aid and will be in the range of $50 billion to $60 billion. There should be no long-term costs resulting from our involvement in Iraq. ~ O.M.B. Budget Director Mitch Daniels [Forbes 4/11/03, Washington Post 3/28/03, NY Times 1/2/03]

Mister (Lawrence) Lindsey (George W. Bush’s top economic adviser) estimates that the (Iraq) war could cost as much as two hundred billion. I think that figure is inaccurate and very, very high. ~ Federal Budget Director Mitch Daniels, Press Conference, 3/18/2003

I was proud to be part of the Bush administration. Yes, I think the original tax cuts were good and timely and helped the economy to recover very, very quickly. I saw no deterrent effects to consider when implementing those tax cuts. What killed the economy was two wars and a terrorist attack that led to a whole new category called homeland security. Implementing the Bush tax cuts was a good move. ~ Governor Mitch Daniels, Fox News Sunday, 2/27/2011

Don’t focus on my time as President Bush’s budget director. I was only a member of the supporting cast then. I didn’t have decision-making authority over the budget. If you want to judge me on my financial abilities, look at what I’m doing now. I’ll be more than happy to tell you about my fiscal policies right now. ~ Potential 2012 Presidential Candidate Mitch Daniels, Fox News Sunday, 2/27/2011

So, yes, look at Mitch Daniels’ fiscal policies of today. Look into his privatization of the Indianapolis utilities to a company he has direct investment ties with. Look at his privatization of the famed Southern Indiana Toll Road with a construction company he has direct investment ties with. Look at his contract with IBM to manage the state’s Social Services. Look at Daniels’ environmental record.

Mitch Daniels is the perfect example of the man behind the curtain that SHOULD be watched, closely.