“Most-Read” headlines: Feb 21, 2011

Posted on February 22, 2011


Straight from the horse’s a… er … website:

  • EXCLUSIVE: Hollywood Studios Provide Content For Nudity Website, Owner Says
  • Record-Crushing 327-Pound ‘Dinosaur Fish’ Caught
  • Wal-Mart Grapples With Its Worst Sales Slump Ever
  • Nevada Brothel Owners Reportedly Concerned Reid May Call for Outlawing Prostitution
  • CIA Reveals Its James Bond-Worthy Spy Gadgets including a Robot Fish
  • Lady Gaga Poses in Raunchy Photo Shoot With Young Boy
  • Stars Who Lost Their Looks
  • Onscreen Nudity Awards Shocker
  • Emmy Rossum explains ‘Shameless’ sex scenes, changes tune on onscreen nudity
  • Which Celeb Has the Worst Hairpiece?
  • Get a Chic Fashion Week Up-Do in Under 5 Minutes

But, to be fair, and to show that is following the protests in Wisconsin, they are running a fascinating poll entitled “What Should Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker Do?

  • Negotiate a compromise bill with State Senate Democrats:  5.14% (8,367 votes)
  • Ask Republicans to pull the bill and find another way to cut spending: 1.75% (2,849 votes)
  • Draw a line in the sand: If you want to keep your job, stop protesting and get back to work — otherwise, you’re fired: 92.34% (150,262 votes)
  • Other: 0.77% (1,257 votes)

How strange that there’s not a word anywhere on the website about the tell-all 465-page book exposing Sarah Palin’s stupidity in her own words by one of her former staff members who quotes her verbatim, reveals Palin’s own e-mails, and transcribes on-camera and off-camera live conversations in which Palin admits to “not knowing who MILT Romney is,” and “not getting what all the fuss is over gas prices” and declaring that “people who can’t find jobs just need to stop whining, buckle down and just create a job for themselves if they have to.”

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