GOP budget cuts: Everything old is new again

Posted on February 14, 2011


Funny how the right wing simply won’t acknowledge and admit that one of the primary reasons why Barack Obama’s budget is so much larger is because George W. Bush never included any costs of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan in his budgets. During Bush’s term, all war expenses were “supplemental,” “discretionary” and “emergency” funding allocations … not one dime of it was ever budgeted – and they were in addition to the established Defense budget.

Now Obama has added them to the direct budget and the GOP is acting surprised and giving us DeNiro-esque performances of faux-outrage.

You remember how the wars were going to be paid for according to Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Rice and the rest of the “we’ll never sleep until we get bin Laden” crowd, don’t you?  “Iraqi oil will pay for it all.”  Then gas in America topped $4 a gallon, we heard constant reports of oil shortages, and Bush wrote checks for $700 Billion in 2003, $813 Billion in 2004, $907 Billion in 2005 and more than $700 Billion in each of 2006, 2007 and 2008. And that didn’t include the roughly $10 Billion per month that went to “supplemental emergency appropriations” to accompany the “emergency funding” and “supplemental appropriations” that the war budgets were defined as by BushCo. And every single dime of it was … *gasp*BORROWED from the Chinese and Saudis and/or DEFICIT-SPENT.

Then Obama comes along and decides, “Hey, it’s time to stop hiding the cost of these wars from the people who are paying for them. We’re going to put the cost right up front, in plain sight, and include it in the annual budgets.”  And Republicans recoiled in faux-horror, with faux-indignation and feigning faux-ignorance that the costs had been there all along.

The Iraq and Afghanistan war costs are not the only reason for increases in Obama’s budget, there is plenty of bloat and extraneous entitlement spending going on that needs to be cut. But adding the costs of the wars is certainly the biggest reason – and by *FAR* dwarfs the expenditures requested for Social Security (which would be self-sufficient if Congress hadn’t treated it like a rainy day fund for the past 40 years), Unemployment, WIC, Community Development and Food Stamps.  And as for Republican spending cuts, isn’t it funny how there are significant slashes to every single domestic, social and assistance program, but the GOP is adamant that not one dime of the defense line item budget, defense contracts, energy contracts or Congressional expenses are on the table or even open to discussion as far as Republicans in Washington are concerned.

The GOP response to Obama’s budget:

  • Social Security benefits?  Cut ’em.
  • Veterans Administration funding? Cut it … for the sixth time.
  • Department of Education?  Gut it.
  • Community programs?  Slash ’em! 50% isn’t enough.
  • Arts funding?   Get rid of it! That’ll teach those smarmy “Sesame Street” liberals to make fun of Fox News!
  • Defense spending? How *dare* you even suggest such a thing!?!?  Obama’s wars are going on!
  • Corporate subsidies?    Sacrilege!
  • End the Bush tax cuts?  Why do you hate America?
  • Strangulative federal oversight?    Never!
  • Congressional perks and benefits?   How are we supposed to get and keep the “best and brightest”?
  • Jobs?  Not now! We’re too busy focusing on the budget!
  • Now … let’s get back to abolishing abortion and the definition of rape …