FoxNews: Actual ‘Most-Read’ headlines – Feb. 11, 2011

Posted on February 11, 2011


Maybe if Fox used the people who write this stuff to write their sitcoms, they’d have more than animation comedies.

  • British Teen Collapses and Dies Moments After First Kiss
  • Texas Man Charged With Filming Coeds in Showers
  • Lindsay Lohan’s sexy court style
  • Why DumbPhones will dominate
  • Picture of Disfigured Afghan Woman Wins World Press Photo Award
  • Charlie Sheen: We Can Rebuild Him!
  • Why the Cowboy Code Is Not Frivolous
  • Nude Pom Pom Girl Off Squad
  • Make a ‘Splash’ in Bed With Lubricants
  • Doomsday Determined? Asteroid Apophis Could Strike Earth in 2036

It’s like The National Enquirer … without all that pesky “relevant news” stuff getting in the way.

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